EP-03.5 What’s in the truck?

What does a good old boy keep in his truck? Take a listen to hear all the items I keep in my truck while traveling.   Items Mentioned in the podcast: Rolled Coins Paper Map Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Paper towels box Assorted Locks Flashlight,…

EP-03 Service, Service, Service!

Today we hear from Gary Wellborn. A Good old boy with over 45 years in the oil and gas business! He shares what it takes to be successful in business and life. You don’t want to miss this one!

EP-02.5 Never Tire of Good Service

Businesses Mentioned: Discount Tire of Clear Lake AJ’S Custom Fab

EP – 02 – Won’t you be my neighbor!

Won’t you be my neighbor? Todd and Buster discuss getting to know your neighbors to build your community, Childhood Memories, The Winery Epidemic, Local Business Shoutouts, Bartering with your neighbors, the horrible trend being done at crawfish boils, North and South Lousiana, Social media…

Why I Like Doing Dishes

In this short Saturday Segment I break down why doing the dishes and folding laundry is enjoyable to me. Take a listen and don’t forget to subscribe and share the podcast.

What is a “Good Old Boy”

On this episode, I describe several traits that make upĀ a good old boy. Listen below or follow us on your favoriteĀ podcast player! Don’t forget to click subscribe!