EP – 17 AJ Olson

Aj Olson is the owner of Hippie Fertilizing in League City Texas. His approach to lawn care is to use organic, natural and safe methods to promote not only a healthy lawn but promote better soil biology and improve ecological conditions. He has studied…

EP – 13 CJ McLaughlin & Josh Jordan

I sit down and talk to Josh Jordan who is an avid Nascar and racing fan who with a chance encounter is now working with team SCIAPS Racing and professional driver CJ Mc Laughlin to develop a winning crew on the NASCAR and ACRA…

EP – 11 Dr. Toby York

Dr. Toby York and I sit down and talk about what makes a successful team, old-school teaching methods, surrounding yourself with winners, and how the trophies on the wall are not the most important thing.   

EP – 10 Tim Kuhn

Tim Kuhn and I sit down with a bit of the brown water and disucss 6-4-3 Charts and how they are helping college baseball teams better predict the players and winning the games. We also disucss the magic that is Texas A&M Univeristy, #41,…

EP – 09 AJ Bosarge

AJ Bosarge is a welder, fabricator, father, husband, volunteer firefighter, and Certified Good Old Boy from Dickinson Texas. He has a great amount of experience in the welding world. He sits with us today to give us a peak behind the curtain on running…

EP-07 Halloween Candy, Uber Adventures, and More!

Jonathan Randolph and Buster Caballero discuss Halloween Candy ratings, Adventures in Ubering, Paying for Autographs, and more good old boy banter! 

EP-06 The Barbershop

Lu Davila from Lu’s Barbershop stops by today to give us the insight into what it’s like being an entrepreneur, giving back in the community, coaching young men, and giving me a hard time!    

EP-5.5 Drink Natchez Dry Part 2

F you loved the first recording this one will get you through the week. We discuss how to day drink, Breaking more of Gary’s stuff, how to get three kids, and vasectomies!    

EP-05 Drink Natchez Dry

Don’t play this one in front of the kids! The gang from the Drink Natchez Dry Summit go off script and delve into some good old boy banter! You won’t want to miss this one!!

EP-04 – I know a guy!

When the good old boy network comes through! And why you need a trip with the boys!